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This sunny, happy stone is a member of the quarts family, and is basically the yellow to orange-brown variant that grows in conjunction with Amethyst.

Natural Citrine is actually rare; most gems on the market are Amethyst (purple) that has been heat-treated to turn yellow.

citrine and gold ring - goldfish jewellery design studio
“Celtic Love”. Citrine set in 9ct Gold Ring. Made by Goldfish Jewellery Design Studio

Citrine got its name from the French word for lemon: “citron”.

In Ancient times this gem was carried to ward of evil thoughts and snake bites. It is also said that if you place it in your moneybox it will attract more business, hence its nickname, ‘Merchant Stone’.

Citrine is one of the few stones that dispel negative energy, so it never needs to be energetically cleaned. In fact, this stone is excellent for alleviating depression and for brightening up those dark corners of ones self. It helps the wearer to laugh and frees the mind from negative thought.

On the physical side it is used in the treatment of thyroid, kidney and liver problems. It also aids in matters of digestion and blood circulation.

Citrine is one of the November birthstones and is well known for its calming energies. The stone also represents strength and hope, peace, prosperity, loyalty, healing and creativity.

— Reinette


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