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Even though Labradorite is not the most precious of gemstones it is in my humble opinion, the most beautiful!

If you can imagine the wings of a tropical butterfly, that is the magnificence of this marvellous stone! Labradorite is sodium-rich Feldspar that when light strikes the stone from a particular angle, displays striking rainbow-coloured reflections known as “shiller”.

By Lech Darski (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Labradorite is the sacred stone for the Inuit Indians in Labrador, Canada. Indian wise-men used it as a compass for spiritual direction.

Labradorite was used extensively in jewellery in the 18th century as the “L” in Good Luck.

The bluer and more intense stone is the Spectrolite, which was discovered in 1940 during the 2nd World War in Finnland. The Finns built a defense line on the eastern border and found the crystals in stones raised as anti-tank barriers.

Spectrolite and Madagascar Spectrolite is renowned as the most spectacular, although anyone who has seen a Labradorite will agree that even the “plainer” ones are amazing.

As for the metaphysical properties, Labradorite is said to elevate consciousness and protects the aura; keeping it clear, balanced and protected from energy leaks. It assists one to progress from old ways, encouraging unconventional and exiting new methods to attain one`s goals. It can help you cope with difficult, stressful situations and also gives strength to handle changes.

Referred to as Magic Stone or Merlin Stone, it has also been called the “Stone of the Stars” and symbolises the moon and the sun. But above all, it is such a pleasure to look at!

— Reinette

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