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A variety of Beryl, this blue to sea-green stone’s name actually means ‘sea water’ in Latin. In the 19th century the sea- green variety was the most popular, however, today the blue colour is the most sought after Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is often confused with Topaz, but Aquamarine usually has a softer blue and lack any traces of grey. The element responsible for the stone`s lovely colour is Iron. Even though it can be found on every continent, the deposits in Brazil are the most important. Sadly some major deposits in Russia have already been mined out.

Also called the ‘Sailors Gem’, it was thought to bring courage and calmness; and was valued as a protective stone. Medieval belief was that Aquamarine would reawaken the passions of married couples.

In the Bible it is written that Aquamarine was used in the foundations of the ‘Heavenly City’. In Exodus, the high priest wore one on each shoulder.

This gem is believed to help with motion sickness, to help sooth the nerves, and aids in the healing process after trauma.

Aquamarine is the March birthstone associated with courage, loyalty and friendship; and symbolizes honesty, faithfulness and beauty.

— Reinette

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