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You have all heard of Emeralds. This simply sparkling-green precious stone is sometimes even more valued than diamonds. It truly gives its owner the gift of eloquence.

The name comes from the Greek word Smaragdos, which means “green stone”. Many ancient races thought of the Emerald as the stone of the Gods. The Greeks associated this stone with the goddess Venus, and for many people it is a symbol of constancy and true affection reflecting the security of love. Legend has it that if an Emerald is given to a lover the stone will pale and grow dull as the love fades (don’t go into a panic, your stone might just be dirty!).

In the book of Revelations, Emerald is said to compose the throne of God. The Holy Grail is speculated to be carved from a huge Emerald… which fell from Satan’s crown when he was banished from heaven. And somewhere someone suggested that Jesus used an Emerald bowl at the last supper.

The first Emeralds came from the Egyptian desert. Not surprising then that Cleopatra made gifts of them to give her favourite ambassadors.

The Incas and Aztecs worshiped it as a sacred stone. Julius Caesar collected them for their healing properties, which are vast. Nero, while watching the gladiators in the arena, used it to lengthen his vision.

Emerald is the zodiac stone for Cancer and birthstone for May.

An excellent general healer. It acts as a blood detoxifier and encourage abundance, growth, peace, harmony, love and fidelity. It also lifts depression and helps those in need of inspiration. Emerald is said to give inner clarity and wisdom, and has been used for healing asthma, heart problems, indigestion, jaundice and poor eyesight.

— Reinette

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A variety of Beryl, this blue to sea-green stone’s name actually means ‘sea water’ in Latin. In the 19th century the sea- green variety was the most popular, however, today the blue colour is the most sought after Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is often confused with Topaz, but Aquamarine usually has a softer blue and lack any traces of grey. The element responsible for the stone`s lovely colour is Iron. Even though it can be found on every continent, the deposits in Brazil are the most important. Sadly some major deposits in Russia have already been mined out.

Also called the ‘Sailors Gem’, it was thought to bring courage and calmness; and was valued as a protective stone. Medieval belief was that Aquamarine would reawaken the passions of married couples.

In the Bible it is written that Aquamarine was used in the foundations of the ‘Heavenly City’. In Exodus, the high priest wore one on each shoulder.

This gem is believed to help with motion sickness, to help sooth the nerves, and aids in the healing process after trauma.

Aquamarine is the March birthstone associated with courage, loyalty and friendship; and symbolizes honesty, faithfulness and beauty.

— Reinette

Goldfish Jewellery Design Studio works with all precious metals, stones and diamonds. For further information, please contact us.