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Symbolizing wealth, joy, love and power, the Ruby has always been cherished and desired by people throughout the world.

They are offered to Buddha in China, Krishna in India, and are closely associated with dragons in western mythology. Ancient Hindus called the stone the “King of Gems” and believed it radiated a warmth and luminosity from an internal flame.  This was linked to passion and love that emanates from the heart, making this stone a perfect gift for  lovers.

Along with Padparadscha, Ruby is a colour of Sapphire with it’s own name. Second only to the Diamond in hardness, the Ruby is ideal for the use in jewellery.

The most valuable Rubies originate from Burma, however, they are also found in Thailand, Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Russia, Norway and America. Synthetic rubies were first made in 1902 by a Frenchman, Auguste Verneuil, using powdered aluminium oxide and a blowtorch.

ruby - goldfish jewellery design studio
STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM“. Rhodolite Garnet central stone with a total of 0,22ct Diamonds and eight little Rubies on the shoulders, set in 9ct White Gold. Made by Goldfish Jewellery Design Studio.

The Ruby has found a special place in our hearts and legends.

The Burmese believed it could only be found in bottomless valleys. They would toss meat into the valleys in the hope that some of the Rubies would stick to the meat and be eaten by vultures; they could then retrieve the gems by killing the vultures.

The most common beliefs are obviously those associated with love. The Ruby is meant to help us in all manners of love; this is possibly due to the bright red colour which is due to the chromium and iron content. The Ruby is also supposedly meant to stimulate sexual desires and energies.

One of the most interesting myths associated with Ruby is that when the wearer is in danger or about to become ill, the stone would become darker.

It is an amplifier of energy, both positive and negative, and can help the circulatory system, stimulate motivation and visualisation, as well as dealing with listlessness.

Some believed it to be a stone of protection, and was worn when going into battle.

Bestowing knowledge, health and wealth are also on the long list of uses for the ruby, and it is often found carved with dragons and snakes to promote the flow of money and power to the owner.

When a man wears a Ruby it is said to signify manhood, nobility and valour.

To dream of rubies is a sign that success is on the way.

This gem is also meant to chase away spirits and evil phantoms that are hanging around.

Ruby is the July birthstone and represents contentment, peace, harmony and integrity.

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