cape honey bee
The Cape honey bee or Cape bee, also known as Kaapse bye (Afrikaans); Inyosi (isiXhosa), nyoxi (Xitsonga), is a southern South African subspecies of the Western honey bee. The Cape bee is only found in the Western Cape and parts of the Eastern Cape (in the fynbos areas), Read More
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A Gold Celebration Enjoy big savings with 20% discount on all gold jewellery items, both online and in-store! The 7 Day Flash Sale is valid 5-12 March 2019. Shop online or visit Goldfish Jewellery Design Studio. Physical Address: 9 Wellington Street, George, Western Cape, South Africa. Business Read More
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February is the month of love and we`re celebrating with 10% discount on sterling silver jewellery, both online and in-store. Enjoy the 3 day sale, with love from us to you! T`s & C`sValid 4-6 February 2019, in-store and at the online store.10% off sterling Read More
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This promotion ended 21/01/2019. The Garden Route is world-renowned for its natural scenery and exquisite surroundings, and we just love recreating the beauty we see in our area. As a thank you gift, we are giving away a beautifully handcrafted, sterling silver King Protea Pendant Read More
for the love of rhinos promotion goldfish jewellery design studio - rhino jewellery sale
Started by WWF South Africa in 2010, World Rhino Day was initiated to draw attention to South Africa’s rhinos as the poaching threat emerged. World Rhino Day has since grown exponentially, uniting NGOs, zoos, cause-related organizations, businesses, and concerned individuals from all around the world. Read More


Jade has long been fashioned into statues, weapons, utensils and other ornaments. The Chinese have cherished this green, fine-textured gem for many centuries. In Chinese culture it represents the five cardinal virtues namely; Charity, Modesty, Courage, Justice and Wisdom. You might have seen a Buddha Read More
Known to the ancient Egyptians as the ‘Sky Stone’, Lapis Lazuli (or Lazurite) is one of the oldest gemstones – a blue stone mottled with white calcite and brassy pyrite. Lapis Lazuli has been mined in the Kokcha valley in Afghanistan for roughly 7000 years. Read More
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White Gold

This post aims to clear up any confusion you may have concerning White Gold and Platinum. All gold is “alloyed” (as is iron in order to make steel), which means that the metal is mixed with other metals in order to change its properties. Examples of Read More
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You have all heard of Emeralds. This simply sparkling-green precious stone is sometimes even more valued than diamonds. It truly gives its owner the gift of eloquence. The name comes from the Greek word Smaragdos, which means “green stone”. Many ancient races thought of the Read More
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The word silver is from the Anglo Saxon name, “seolfor”, and from the Latin name Argentum, we obtain the periodic table symbol for silver, Ag. This precious metal was only discovered 2000 years after gold in 4000bc. Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians used Silver before they knew Read More


According to the Greeks the Amethyst was formed when Bacchus, the ancient god of wine, was insulted by a mere mortal. For revenge he vowed to have a tiger eat the next mortal he came across, however, it happened to be a beautiful young lady Read More


Amber… that wonderful soft, warm-feeling gem that we all know so well to be fossilised tree resin, but did anyone stop and contemplate that it is actually 30 to 60 million old? Not only ancient, Amber is also very interesting. The name Amber is derived Read More
Primarily made up of silicon dioxide, Quarts encompasses a vast family of stones. The crystals are generally six-sided and occur in all shades and colours, depending on the temperature at the time of their formation. Rock Crystal is formed from clear lustrous Quartz and was Read More
King Protea Pendant - Goldfish Jewellery Design Studio

King Protea Pendant

Celebrate your love for South Africa! This beautiful King Protea Pendant is made exclusively by us in our workshop, situated in our humble home based in the Garden Route, South Africa. The large pendant wears very comfortably at 33mm long, yet it is big enough Read More
So why do we see the diamond as eternal? And why do we consider some gems as precious and some as semi-precious? It doesn’t only have to do with beauty or rarity, for the most part, it has to do with durability. Mohs Scale of Read More